We have had the good fortune of being able to travel across the USA many times, always taking our horses with us. Learning the tricks of the trade as to speak, as we have traveled. We have been able to ride in 45 of these great states of ours, visiting and riding in over two hundred State and National Parks. Plus many miles of wilderness areas, and BLM lands. We have also been lucky enought to ride Indian Reservations and privite lands.

     From Coast to Coast , wading our horses in both oceans, along with the Gulf Of Mexico, we have made many great friends, had many very interesting adventures, gazed at some of the most beautiful parts of this great land of ours, and all from the backs of two very fine 16-2 hand , Fox Trotter Geldings, one of which is still with us, ( Kathys has been replaced) along with a pair of  walk, trot, Palominos.

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  We welcome the chance to share some of this with you, thru this home page, and thru our featured stories in the TRAILRIDER magazine, where we welcome question and comments from all of our readers. We are doing clinics on Trail Riding at some of the major horse fairs and shows. Topics include the how, why, and where for's, for the traveling horse folks. Suggested equipment and all the things one needs to be on the road with your horse. Covering from, Vets papers to the where, and how to find feed along the way.
    We offer travel tips on caring for your animals as you travel and first hand experiances on the road, finding those places that are horse friendly to stay or camp and ride. Thousands of miles have given us the road savvy to share and help you enjoy the pleasure of traveling with your best friend, your horse ( even if you do take the wife or husband along ). So grab your mouse and scroll thru the Menu, for info on our schedule for clinics for 2003, to just plain trail info, enjoy the pictures and click away to see just a few of the places we have visited.