Trail Riding DVD's
I have been asked so many times, "Just what is it really like",  I have put
together some of our more true to life videos for your home enjoyment.  These are just what we do and see on many of our trips across the USA.   Trips that make  "Tales From The Trails" so popular, also soon to be a book, with Tales and Tips, and Photos.  Watch for that ad in your favorite TrailRiding Magazine...
"     The Grand Tetons of Wyo".  now in two parts, two seperate DVD's of some of the best riding between Jackson Hole and Yellowstone Nat Park. includes some having fun times.
    "Canyon De Chelly"  some great footage of just one days ride into the canyon.  This days trail is not a trail for the faint hearted and by no means the normal trails in the  Canyon. Just gives you a idea of what can be in store for those who visit..
     Bryce Canyon Utah" one of mother natures most scenic trails in the USA.  A must for the camera bugs on horseback.  Easy to ride and great for the memories..

A great buy at $9.99 per and $2.00 for S&H.  DVD's are on a average of 25 minutes,  Buy all four and I will take care of the S&H.   To order  send check or money order to           Garth Rumsmoke
                                67 Stewart Rd
                                Horseheads NY. 14845  
                        for more information call  607 594 2191

Please state  the titles you are ordering.. Usually a one day turn around for all orders.  
This ad photo taken in Teton area, our camp was directly over our heads on the other side of the low hill behind the pine tree line,,, what a ride.!!!!!!..