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                                                                        Our second most often asked question..."
.                                                                                What do we do for feed on the road"?
                                                                       We suggest a pelletized complete feed .                                                                                 Beware of the word  "Complete" Don't ever think                                                                         your horse can live with out hay.. He needs the                                                                          roughage. Yours horse should be on a good                                                                               nutritional feed right from the start. We have found                                                                      that pelletized feeds are very similar in standard                                                                         mix, Of course each has its own secret extras but they all have the same basic ingredients. One that can be duplicated by most national brands. So there is no real need in carrying a lot of feed. But keeping your horse on similar feed's is very important. Don't change horse's in the middle of a stream sort of thing. If you have to change brands never do it all at once.  Try to add some of your old brand with the new for a few days, to ween him over onto the new.

     Sweet feed is differant in every area and feed store. The one thing with sweet feed is the your horses have no need for sugar,  Molasses  makes up part of the sweetfeed and you are paying for something you do not need.. Ask any vet about sugar and your horse.  For myself I would never feed any type of sweet feed, sugar can be one of the most dangerous items in your horse diet.  I leads to illness later on that will not be treatable.  What is the one that comes to mind,  SUGARDIABETES.  The constent change in the sugar in your horses system can lead to a big up and down in your animals bio rythems..  Same for us and all animals.. example for those who feed sweet feed.  Feed your horse and then a little later you want to ride.  but your horse has to be lounged first, he is just to full of it to ride with out taking the edge off,, right... Just think about it..and it is only just one of many problem that sweet feed causes..  Then think if your traveling and buying differant brands of sweet feed,, Whats the old saying about watching your horse feed,, for colic...

    We have found that whole oats with a supplement we can add our selfs, fits the problem of feed on the road or at home.. Oats is a grain your horse will benefit from and the added supplementation make sure he gets the Vit, and Minerals he needs daily..We use a product called "Just add oats" made and sold by the Natural Vet.

     Hay is sold by most feed stores in the west and elsewhere, the feed stores can usually tell you where you can buy locally. Carry enough to get you where you are
going and most times you can carry enough for your whole stay, but in those times you need hay, try a feed store.. I would never try to carry hay when I know I can get it where I am going.. A short stay we carry. A long haul we buy. A lot of the camping site now have hay or in some cases local farmers come around with hay during the big rides or on weekends..

    There is a lot of concern about weed free hay in some areas. We have found that local hay is excepted in most cases, just keep your sale slip for proof. Or in some cases feed bagged or hay pellets. Pellets are ok in all places. Lots of water when you feed hay pellets. Suggest you give electrolites when you travel, keeps them drinking. We have stopped using salt blocks. Horses are not lickers, and a large spoon of loose mineralized horse salt in each feed does a better job. A horse will only go to a block when he has the graving. This is not good. It means his body it low on salt and is telling him. In that span of time of needing his body is doing without...Do to his size the horse needs salt on a regular basis, a block in the box just don't get it.. some other thought.. If you think your horse is only sweating water, your wrong. He is losing minerals at a rapid rate, One more reason for electrolies, and good pelletized complete feed. You know they are getting what they need. Once again we went to Dr Dan and found his Red Cal the salt replacement that has made a huge differance in our horses health.. Red Cal is just not a salt replacement but a complete mineral
treatment,  Please look at OUR CHOICE below..

Weed free hay....

Agway has dealer locator Bonanza, complete pelleted feed

Blue Seal has dealer locator Trotter complete pelleted feed, 14%protein, 2%fat, 20% fiber

Purina has dealer locator has several complete feeds Equine Adult, 12%protein, 3% fat, 25% fiber, also has molasses :( Horse Chow 100 10%protein, 2%fat, 30% fiber Horse Chow 200 14% protein, 2% fat, 25% fiber

Triple Crown or call 800-267-7198 for the nearest dealer has a pelleted feed (COMPLETE) 11%protein, 8%fat, 15%fiber Also three Winner's Choice Complete Cube formulas; Maintenance 12%protein, 3%fat, 30%fiber, Performance 14%protein 4%fat 30%fiber, Mare & Foal 14%protein 4%fat 32%fiber

Nutrena has dealer locator complete pelleted feed Horse Kwik 14% protein, 2%fat, 20%fiber


Products of the Natural Vet  Dr. Dan Moore 

Tizwhiz 1-800-860-6789
COMPLETE formula 12% protein, 2%fat, 20%fiber also Senior formula 14% protein
Or  Tizwhiz 30+  feed with just oats.
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