Coast To Coast Ramblers
                          OUR RIG

         Nothing fancy, but custom made for us by Dixie Horse and Mule Co. .      (  We finished off the inside living area our selfs and         saved a lot of money,  Had fun doing it,

     Of steel construction.  It is 18' on the floor and 8 ' wide 7'6" high. With a 8'x8'x3' goose making a very large sleeping area. With 8'x8' of living area and 10'x8' of horse area, we have it set up for two horse straight load but can put 3 side by side.

    A door from the living area to the horse area makes easy acess and allows more living space if wanted. With special windows and added doors plus the awning it sold for under $10,000. A very nicely done rig that hauls well.          Our 2001  3/4 ton 4x4 ext cab, full box Ford, with its 7.3 liter  diesel, puts us down the road and keeps up with traffic.

    A B&W Turnover Ball (tm) gooseneck hitch gives us a smooth floor in the bed of the truck, no hump and the ball drops out of sight. All you see is a small hole with the top of the ball in it. This hitch also coverts to a 5th wheel with just a change of the ball  www.turnover

   We have a spray in liner by Scorpion Truck Bed Linings, Inc. Cloverdale Ind. 46120 1-800-483-9087. This lining comes in colors, and we feel the best out there. It is repairable and is not slippery, yet seems to be chemical resistant.

Please e/mail for more info.

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