Coast To Coast Ramblers
                      PHOTO TIPS

    Anyone who has ever attempted to get his horse to stand still while taking a picture off his back can tell you " it can't be done right". It's true, so get off and take a great picture.. If you can't, then remember that motion blurs photos. A couple tips to stop this , dont move, or get a faster camera, most automatics take pictures at a slower speed and that blurs the picture. Faster film is made for darker photo times and is not always the answer. I use a 200 asa film and a automatic camera and have good luck with snap shots off horse back.,, for the great ones I get off. Nothing worst than returning from a trip that is a once in a life time thing, and have bad photos. Most folks buy a camera, and get away with family snaps that are great. But for those out of doors, Mts in the back ground types, remember this, if your camera lens is less than 55mm your looking at wide angle lens, that means what you see in the view finder is not what your going to get in your finished photo. That great bull elk you took the snap of will turn out to be the great lost elk if he is very far away, and if you see him it will be very small. Rule of thumb, fill your veiw finder with the subject, make sure you can see feet bottoms and head tops and squeeze the button, dont jamb it down, if you do, you just blurred your picture. Remember to move the camera around while you are setting up the photo, this will give you some ideas of what may look better than just pointing and shooting..The subject does not always have to be in the center, trees and such on the edge make a photo much more easy to look at.,  Check out our photo gallery and see what I mean... I am sure you want the kind of photos that are shown there.

      With a wide angle lens, ,the, see tops and bottoms rule, will give you a good coverage and a nicely framed picture, what you see is what you get, so relax, get level with your subject, if possible and make a moment in history. I recomend a 35mm auto with a zoom lens to get the best possible vacation photos. and yes,, experment before the trip with a new camera. One hour developing is very costly and all KMarts offer 24 hour doubles service at a very nice rate. If you want them done while your on vacation...

     The new ditigals are taking over the photo market, I have one and have found that it does a wonderful job if you get over 2mgpics.  Great enlargements if you have a good printer or have them done at the photo shop.  One problem with the digital is that once you take the photo, you can view ,on the screen in back, what you have just taken.  IF  you are not in the light. Those screens are a real bummer to see in the light..But all else with them are fine.  Dont waste your money on a cheap one.  I would have you look at the Kodax DX3600 as a place to start. It has the features that will give you good photos. Also buy rechargeable batteries. They will save you a lot of bucks and headaches.. and of course a  recharger..

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