Coast To Coast Ramblers
                     There are so many great things wrtten about horse camping, and riding that we  can only suggest a few of our favorites. Now what kind of folks would we be if we didn't suggest that you get  a copy of the number one horse Magazine.
Of course its the "Trailrider" Americas number one source of trailriding information.  Then you can read stories from many riders, sharing their times and experiences, from all around the world. The kind of stories that  make you want to sell out and hit the trail.  The one magazine that give you trailriding info and nothing else.  Check out the TR's website later on in the table on contents.
Some other great reading and information books that you will find useful.              This first one is our bible but no longer in print, if you find one buy it....

The North American Horse Travel Guide by Bruce McAllister

Ride New York by Anne O'Dell e/mail

Trails, Trails & More Trailsby Bonnie Davis

Horse Motels International  Worldwide Horse Motel Directory

Nationwide Overnight Stabling Directory a Equestion Vacation Guide

Ride Pennsylvania  Horse Trails (part one eastern half)

"Horse Theft. Been There--Done That" by Debi Metcalfe  or click here

Saddleup by Ute Haker

Guide To Wisconsin Horse Trails  to order email

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