Coast To Coast Ramblers

     One of the bigget worries for the traveling horseman is legal issues.
                                 In general,  the health papers.....

    Most National, state, and private camp grounds require vet papers, which includes a up to date health certificate, and Coggins test.  Coggins is a test not a disease  and the certificate  is called  Coggins, named after I am sure the man who came up with this test for Equine Infectious Anemia..  All states require these even if just traveling thru. Because of the differances in state time requirements ( length of time the certificate is good for) we suggest that you have your vet do the paper work and test as close to travel time as possilbe. Also due to the differance in states you should ask your vet about rabies shots. Please, for your own benefit make sure your vet does the drawing on the paper work as accurate and as plain as possilbe.
     Four good photos of each horse, one from each side, and close up of any scars, hair swirls and distinguishing marks, will  go a long way to identify a lost or stolen horse.      
     Some suggest pictures of your horses chestnuts. Freeze brands are the best way to protect your horse as thieves usually take unmarked animals. Due to the un -uniform systems of the mirco chips, these are becoming unpopular. Partly due to the fact that it is not visible, and secondlly the fact that not all slaughter houses keep a detection device for each of the micro chips manufacturers.
     West of the Missiouri river you get into brand inspection please look at this link. ( or 1  800 529 2333)
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